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Linnea's Lights was recently shown in Dujour Magazine.  Dujour is available in both print and digital format.  Get your copy here

Dujour learned about our candles at this Los Angeles retailer: 


Southampton Fresh Air Home’s Decorators-Designers-Dealers Fundraiser Gala

Linnea's Lights is proud to be supporting the Southampton Fresh Air Home's Fundraising Event which raises money to send physically challenged youth to summer camp. 

From the SFAH Facebook Group: 
"JUNE 6, 2009 — The 17th annual
Decorators-Designers-Dealers (D-D-D) Sale, Auctions and Gala to benefit
the Southampton Fresh Air Home is the smashing season opener with a
gallery of treasures donated by decorators, renovators and estates,
including art, linens, furniture, fashion, jewelry, porcelains, wine,
travel, sports and entertainment, ranging in price and provenance from
a Paris flea market to a London auction house at eBay prices. The
auction features superb quality items from fashion, jewelry, wine,
travel and resort vacations, sports and entertainment. Nearly 500
people attend from Manhattan, Connecticut, Palm Beach and the Hamptons."

Learn more here about the organization: 

If you are in the Southampton area and looking for Linnea's Lights Candles, please visit Hound Hill Design

Online retailer gives away a Linnea’s Lights Candle…

You just never know what you might find when you check out the blogs from our retailers!  Recently, just for signing up for the Dreamy  email newsletter, readers were put in a drawing for one of our candles. 

Keep watching our blog and others, you just might see more giveaways out there!

Looking on The Brightside….we have a WINNER!

It is without a doubt, our honor to have read all the inspiring and thoughtful comments from The Brightside Project (http://www.thebrightsideproject.com/) on answering our question…

What scent reminds you of your childhood and why?

After much careful consideration and trips down memory lane ourselves, we are pleased to share the following answer….

Linnea's Lights, a company that is named after a long Swedish lineage and fabulous women named Linnea (or the shortened version Lynn)…is rooted in history and the power of family relationships. Just reading this passage brought back sweet, delicate memories of spending time outside riding bikes, catching fireflies, tending to the garden (while sampling a fresh tomato or two), smelling the lily of the valleys in bloom and the aroma of freshly baked strawberry-rhubarb pie coming from the kitchen.
The real reason why this passage is a winner is how the scent of memory that one's own child evokes is awe-inspiring and just plain beautiful!
The tenderness of loving another human in the present moment while remembering such delicious memories of the past is one that puts a smile to our faces.

So, here's to looking at the brightside always and taking notice of the things that truly matter…our children, our family, nature and the beauty they all bring to our lives!

P.S. In case you were wondering, we don't forsee adding "kid sweat" anytime to our list of scents, but if we certainly hope that each scent we lovingly craft, evokes a special memory of two of your very own….

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The Bright Side Project Giveaway

We are thrilled to be part of The Bright Side Project, an editorially driven site that is dedicated to getting people to think positively in this crazy world.
The idea behind this great site is inspiring. Every day, one lucky reader has the opportunity to win an item donated by an artist or company….simply by answering a thought provoking question.
Linnea's Lights is proud to be part of such a beautiful and thoughtful way to spread sunshine and joy! So, check out today's feature about LL and answer the question posed….your memories may be the key to a fabulous Linnea's Lights candle!

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