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With winter just around the corner, we’re feeling inspired by the brisk days ahead & looking forward to the first snowfall. We never can get enough of that feeling when the chill hits your lungs as you breathe in that cold, fresh air and the excitement that comes from feeling alive. I welcome snow-days with the family, drinking cocoa by the fire and building snowmen on the snow covered lawn. Burn this candle to warm your loved ones and to inspire the quiet excitement of freshly fallen snow.

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Lasting 7 months, the Swedish winter is the darkest time of the year. Inspired by cozy fires during those long winter months, Lynn wanted to a way to revisit that feeling of warmth and the great outdoors with its fresh greenery & berries. Recreate the experience in your own home while enjoying a warming beverage and telling stories around the hearth.

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Amber is very special to us, and this candle was created especially for me by Lynn. Inspired by romance (I’m really a romantic at heart), I love the rich fragrant scent. Lynn knew this would be a perfect fit because the medicinal and healing properties of amber have been revered for thousands of years. From the ancient Greeks to the Chinese, burning Amber was used to purify the air and perfume sacred spaces. Appealing to the romantic in all of us, indulge in this ancient and irresistible scent with our rich amber candle blended with Egyptian musk.

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We still remember when we received our first cashmere garment and its warmth, comfort and elegance is something we still treasure. I love treating Lynn to new Cashmere sweaters or scarves—a simple luxury I know she’ll love but wouldn’t think to buy for herself. A great reason to look forward to winter and a beautiful way to bring luxury to the everyday, nothing keeps you warm quite like cashmere does. Now you can wrap yourself in this inspired and sophisticated herbal scent infused with the inviting aroma of patchouli, Persian limes and a touch of vanilla, our Cashmere candle will warm up any room.

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