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When we think of Linden trees, we feel buoyed by their unforgettable and haunting scent. It was always in the air as I grew up, and surprised me like an old friend while traveling abroad. Used medicinally to calm and soothe as well as a tonic for indigestion, the leaves of the linden tree are both beautiful and versatile.  This scent feels like a cherished memory and is all about calming the nerves and restoring peace.

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Lynn and I are both drawn to the vibrant and powerful flavors of the Yuzu. Originally from Tibet, the Yuzu grows on an evergreen tree that can take up to eighteen years before producing any fruit. The intense citrus flavor and medicinal qualities of the fruit have made it popular all over the world. This candle smells deliciously of the luscious Japanese grapefruit, exotic fruits & watery greens. Tart and powerful, the Yuzu inspires health and energy.

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Past Twin Falls on the road to Hana, my husband and I experienced the beauty and majesty of the Bamboo Forest of Maui first hand. It was an experience neither of us could ever forget, as we trekked through the forest and headed towards the seven pools. As Lynn can attest, I couldn’t stop raving about it. Our bamboo candle is a culmination of the plant’s exotic nature, blended with the beauty of native white flowers. Many people also believe it to be a symbol of luck and success, and it is commonly revered because of its rapid growth, strength and fortitude. This scent is honors to the nimble and ever growing plant.

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