Lemon Verbena

image courtesy of aidanbrooksspices.blogspot.com

We love getting our hands dirty with a little gardening. Lynn instilled this love in me and we agree that the beauty of a garden can lift our spirits any day. Plus, growing our own herbs has lent an innovative spirit to our home cooking. Lemon Verbena is a mainstay in our family gardens and is also Lynn’s favorite herb. This powerfully scented citrus infused herb is one of the most versatile and brilliant plants ever known.  Used to make teas, and oils it is also used on compresses to reduce swelling.  This bright and elegant aroma purifies while at the same brightening any space with its strong citrus finish.

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French Pear

image courtesy of chezus.com

The juicy aroma of a ripe Anjou Pear is enough to get my own creative juices flowing. This is a family favorite and evokes the pear trees that once lined our property. The very essence of Spring, the scent of the French pear is both elegant and evocative. The intoxicating aroma of the flowering pear tree inspires this candle and brings your room to life with thoughts of fresh grass and sunlight.

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image courtesy of aromatherapy-school.com

We are inspired and amazed by the strong, beautiful women in our lives every day. Of course, I was raised by one such woman. Created by and for women as well as what we all represent, our version of Tuberose focuses on the sensual and aphrodisiac properties it symbolizes. Also known as “bone flower” to the ancient Aztecs who used it for centuries to cleanse and energize the body and representing feminine strength, beauty and allure, the tuberose will rejuvenate and lift your spirit. The enticing, sensual and bewitching floral scent is the perfect counterpoint to long winter nights.

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Fig Leaf

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As a child, fresh figs were always on the menu for the most special occasions and are still one of my personal favorites. Lynn always made sure to serve these at birthdays and over the holidays, so I’m reminded of those good times when I bite into a fig to this day. Used as a sleep aid by the ancient Greeks, the fig leaf candle’s subtle and exotic scent will fill your room with the comforting aroma of sweet figs, Mediterranean lemons, amber and sandalwood. While never having traveled to the Mediterranean, the fragrance is what we dream it would be like. Sophisticated yet simple, this candle is the perfect scent for snuggling in and daydreaming of warm, blue coastlines.

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