Exploring London Town

Images courtesy of Laura Cler

I am currently in London meeting with friends and vendors and I have been looking forward to this trip all Summer! I’ll take any excuse to hop the pond, and have so been enjoying my short time abroad.

This morning I stopped into Borough Market where I enjoyed some delicious paella and couldn’t help but gaze at all the beautiful fresh fruits, flowers and veggies. Later on, I walked on the south bank along the Thames, took in the Tate Modern with its inspiring showing of Saloua Raouda Choucair (the world’s first major museum exhibition of this remarkable Lebanese artist). Afterwards I enjoyed the view from the Millennium Bridge and couldn’t help but marvel at my luck with the beautiful weather here!

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few other great spots, some of them UK vendors for Linnea’s Lights, including: Les Choix de RomyHeal’s, Luma, Lipp Interiors, The Birdcage, and Graham & Green, were some highlights.  They are all so lovely! Now I’m off to enjoy my last few days here, and please let me know of anything I must see or do before heading home.

Bringing Home Inspiration from New York Fashion Week

Images: Left to Right - Phillip Lim runway courtesy of ctpost.com; Tommy Hilfiger runway, courtesy of Haute Living

Hearing word that some of New York Fashion Week’s most popular runways were covered in salt (Phillip Lim) and sand (Tommy Hilfiger) and I can’t say I’m too surprised. I too have been inspired by these elements when I created our Sea Salt candle.

So if you’re looking for an easier (and less messy) way to test the trend at home, scatter a few of our summery, fresh candles around the house and be transported in style!

Try the trend for yourself, available here.

Our Favorite Candles for Fall

Lately, we’ve been seeing some buzz on our Twitter and Facebook pages about how our candles are helping ease you into Fall and I’m right there with you! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite candles burning around my home and in the studio with you here and I’d love for you to tell me some of your favorites of the season…

Pumpkin: Reminiscent of fall celebrations, this candle is scented with ripe pumpkin and subtle herbal overtones.

Wild Fern: Crisp & fresh leafy greens, stems and herbs blended with sheers woods.

Vanilla Noir: Creamy bourbon vanilla from madagascar and exotic woods.

Hearth: This rich candle brings the scent of smoky cedar wood, blended with sweet amber and notes of leather, to your home.