A Graffiti Artist, a Candle Maker, and a Museum in Luxembourg

images courtesy of ┬ęSanctobin

As you may have seen on our social media lately, we had the great honor of working with the amazing graffiti artist Sanctobin aka Odnok for an exhibit at the Mudam Museum, in Luxembourg.

Details on the event:


My Mudam takes place twice a year and combines various events: the inauguration of a mural work at Mudam Boutique, a unique culinary design project at Mudam Boutique, musical performances and a tour of the works from the Mudam Collection.

Featuring Walldrawing: Sanctobin aka Odnok
@ Mudam Boutique
Graffiti artist, graphic designer and illustrator Michael Sanctobin aka Odnok creates the mural work Golden Gate for Mudam Boutique. The Mudam, its architecture and its nine exhibition spaces are the starting points for Michael Sanctobins work. He translates this in two- and three-dimensional triangulations which, thanks to their golden colour, simultaneously absorbe and reflect the room. Nine triangles or doors to represent the museum that inspired the artist. A limited edition will accompany this work.

We’ve seen some photos from the event and it looked incredible and so inspiring. In addition, Sanctobin worked directly on the canvas of our candles for a wonderful, limited-edition item on-site. As you can imagine, the candles sold quickly!

So much fun seeing what another artist can create. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the photos to get a peek.

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