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We are inspired and amazed by the strong, beautiful women in our lives every day. Of course, I was raised by one such woman. Created by and for women as well as what we all represent, our version of Tuberose focuses on the sensual and aphrodisiac properties it symbolizes. Also known as “bone flower” to the ancient Aztecs who used it for centuries to cleanse and energize the body and representing feminine strength, beauty and allure, the tuberose will rejuvenate and lift your spirit. The enticing, sensual and bewitching floral scent is the perfect counterpoint to long winter nights.

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Fig Leaf

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As a child, fresh figs were always on the menu for the most special occasions and are still one of my personal favorites. Lynn always made sure to serve these at birthdays and over the holidays, so I’m reminded of those good times when I bite into a fig to this day. Used as a sleep aid by the ancient Greeks, the fig leaf candle’s subtle and exotic scent will fill your room with the comforting aroma of sweet figs, Mediterranean lemons, amber and sandalwood. While never having traveled to the Mediterranean, the fragrance is what we dream it would be like. Sophisticated yet simple, this candle is the perfect scent for snuggling in and daydreaming of warm, blue coastlines.

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When we think of Linden trees, we feel buoyed by their unforgettable and haunting scent. It was always in the air as I grew up, and surprised me like an old friend while traveling abroad. Used medicinally to calm and soothe as well as a tonic for indigestion, the leaves of the linden tree are both beautiful and versatile.  This scent feels like a cherished memory and is all about calming the nerves and restoring peace.

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Lynn and I are both drawn to the vibrant and powerful flavors of the Yuzu. Originally from Tibet, the Yuzu grows on an evergreen tree that can take up to eighteen years before producing any fruit. The intense citrus flavor and medicinal qualities of the fruit have made it popular all over the world. This candle smells deliciously of the luscious Japanese grapefruit, exotic fruits & watery greens. Tart and powerful, the Yuzu inspires health and energy.

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Past Twin Falls on the road to Hana, my husband and I experienced the beauty and majesty of the Bamboo Forest of Maui first hand. It was an experience neither of us could ever forget, as we trekked through the forest and headed towards the seven pools. As Lynn can attest, I couldn’t stop raving about it. Our bamboo candle is a culmination of the plant’s exotic nature, blended with the beauty of native white flowers. Many people also believe it to be a symbol of luck and success, and it is commonly revered because of its rapid growth, strength and fortitude. This scent is honors to the nimble and ever growing plant.

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Lynn often thinks fondly of her mother’s beloved rose garden and wanted a way to illustrate her French roots. Incorporating both into the Cassis candle, Lynn referenced the black currant berry indigenous to France & the delicate aroma of roses in homage. We think you’ll enjoy this amazing mélange of black currant with green herbs, floral & fruits.

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Have you ever placed the seeds of a pomegranate at the bottom of a champagne flute on New Year’s? Did you know that Cleopatra used the seeds of the pomegranate to redden her lips before seducing Mark Antony? Lynn taught me both of these fun tricks. Sweet yet tart, this fruit is valued for its antioxidant powers and in candle form, its deep red and luscious scent is as seductive as it is powerful.

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Currant Rouge

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The dark, mysterious and seductive scent of currants is the inspiration for this scent and this candle is all about setting the mood. Tangy & modern with citrus, tart apple & green accord, it makes us think of the brilliant red color of the currant berries found throughout Europe. In my travels, I enjoyed collecting these while walking through a friend’s garden in Belgium. I remember picking them straight from the bushes and popping them into my mouth, puckering from their unexpected but not unpleasant tartness.

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The Winter Solstice & The Procession of Saint Lucia

Perhaps our Swedish lineage led us to love candles so much.

In Sweden, December 13th marks the start of the winter holidays, and candles play an important part in many of the holiday traditions like the procession of Saint Lucia.  The procession celebrates the start of the Christmas season and every year one girl is chosen to represent St. Lucia and gets to wear a crown of lighted candles in her hair. Behind Lucia all the other children march in white robes carrying candles and singing.

The procession has it’s roots in pagan culture and coincides with the celebration of the winter solstice—the longest night of the year, or Lussi Night, a night filled with goblins and evil spirits that swoop down chimneys and steal away children who hadn’t behaved throughout the year—sound familiar?  The girl with the candles in her hair symbolized the return of sunlight, tranquility and warmth to the world.  Each candle was a miniature sun, a symbol of the life giving light and fire.  In medieval times the Lussi Night celebration was adopted by the church to celebrate the start of the Christmas Season, and the evil spirits of Lussi night were replaced by the angelic Saint Lucia.

At Linnea’s Lights we wish you all the peace and tranquility of the season, and hope that our candles bring a little sunlight into your life and home this holiday.

~ Happy Holidays

Holiday Votive Gift Set

Linnea’s Lights Limited Edition Mini Votive Holiday Gift Set is perfect for entertaining or holiday gift ideas. Luxuriate this winter in the finest scents of the season with the Limited Edition Holiday Collection and warm your home with these classic, ambrosial fragrances:

Mini Votive Holiday Gift Set A collection of Fireside, Forest Fir & Winter holiday scents, this trio of 2.5oz mini soy votives is available in limited edition gift sets. Each is infused with the spice of the holidays, and sure to keep your home cozy and warm.

Fireside Spend your winter nights tucked beside the glow of this warm, smoldering blend of pine, tobacco and sensual sandalwood embers.

Forest Fir Allow this traditional holiday favorite to enchant your home with the rich, crisp blend of evergreen essences.

Winter This sweet twist of spruce, mint and hints of cinnamon and cranberry will transport your senses to a snowy wonderland.

The Holiday Collection candles set a perfect ambiance for your holiday celebrations. And don’t miss out on our other gift set options, available in:

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