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We are thrilled to partner with One Kings Lane on an exclusive sale event today through Sunday, March 27th.  We believe they are doing this whole flash sale phenomenon the right way, partnering with us on exclusive scents available the few days of the sale and telling our inspiration and story. Below is a little teaser of their Get Inspired article…

Whether it’s glossies like InStyle and Vanity Fair, or a multitude of design-minded bloggers, people can’t seem to get enough of candle company Linnea’s Lights. With so much buzz, we just had to know more about these covet-worthy candles and meet the women behind the brand.

Linnea's Lights

As the mother-daughter team behind Linnea’s Lights, Lynn Manley and Laura Cler infuse their personal experiences and back-to-basics ethos into each and every candle they make.


Founder Lynn Manley initially began creating candles as a hobby, but soon the demand for her artisanal wares spread like wildfire. “We’re so fortunate that the people who love our candles also love talking about them,” says Laura Cler, Manley’s daughter. That passionate word of mouth has generated quite the cult following.

Read more about our inspirations and stories that One Kings Lane captured so beautifully….

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Fat Tuesday ~ Mardi Gras Madness

Many of us associate Mardi Gras with little more than drunkenness, debauchery and indecent exposure rewarded by cheap, plastic beads—but is that all there is to this festive and famous yearly celebration? Whether you simply wish to impress coworkers with some useless, but fascinating Fat Tuesday tidbits or need some ideas for a nudity-free fete, or are visiting the Big Easy this Mardi Gras, we’re your gals….


Let’s start with the beads….Started by the Rex Krewe in the 1920’s, beads were thrown to excite the crowds. Traditionally, simply repeating the famous phrase “throw me something mister” was enough to get you a strand of beads. No one quite knows how the other tradition started, but let’s pretend it never did.

One of the oldest traditions of Mardi Gras, King Cakes are essential for any authentic Mardi Gras shindig. Braided, decorated with purple, green and gold frosting, and filled with pecans, cinnamon and raisins, this cake holds a surprise inside: a plastic baby. As tradition dictates, the recipient of the plastic baby must throw the next King Cake party. Party Tip: Order an authentic cake straight from The Big Easy or, if you’re feeling audacious, bake one yourself with our favorite recipe.

Each Krewe spends months working on elaborate floats for their decided theme. During the parade Krewes throw beads and dubloon stamped with their crest to patrons below. These floats became so outrageous that the city of New Orleans has restrictions on the size of the floats. No float can be higher than 18ft and longer than 50ft.

Party Tip ~ Keep the kids busy by throwing your own float contest! Grab some shoe boxes, green, gold, and purple glitter, some Mardi Gras Stickers and beads and get the creative juices flowing! Award the winner of the contest the title of King or Queen of Mardi Gras

Travel Tips ~There is more to New Orleans than just Bourbon Street. Be sure to check out the shopping! Check out Magazine Street for the best shopping this town has to offer. Be sure to visit Spruce Nola for one-of-a-kind eco-friendly home furnishings, and unleash your inner pen pal at the Stationer of Nola. Their astonishing collection of high quality stationary from the likes of Crane, Kate Spade and Vera Wang cannot be missed.

Blue Agave

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Our family has always loved traveling through the Southwest. Its dusty roads and warm nights never fail to inspire us. Lynn & Danny spent a lot of time there, and I too found myself entranced by the desert blooms while spending time in Tucson. Blue Agave plants can be found down south and though it takes over ten years for the Agave plant to mature, just before it dies the Agave grows a stalk of delicate and intoxicating flowers that perfume the air with a bewitching scent. Medicinal and floral, this candle is about rebirth.

The Willows has the Blue Agave you’re looking for!

Linnea’s Lights + ABC Home

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We are beyond thrilled to announce that Linnea’s Lights is now available online and in-store at one of our favorite home furnishing mecca’s, ABC Home. Social consciousness is very important to us here, the partnership between Linnea’s Lights and ABC Home delights the philanthropist in us. ABC Home is focused on providing a range of cruelty-free, energy conscious, community made, fair trade, organic and recycled home and lifestyle goods. Linnea’s Lights devotion to great quality and recyclable goods compliments ABC Home’s core business values. However, our similarities do not stop there, both companies’ dedication to social change cannot be ignored. Linnea’s Lights has donated portions of their profits towards causes such as autism awareness (Kyle’s Treehouse), breast cancer awareness (Susan G. Komen fund), heart health (Go Red for Women) and the Southhampton Fresh Air Home for Physically Challenged Youth. For ABC Home, their platform for social change comes in the form of their charity the ABC Home & Planet Foundation, focused on “giving gifts of transparency in their intention”. ABC Home and their customers gift to charities such as Africa AIDS Response, Housing Works, Women for Afghan Women, and the Greenbelt Movement. visit ABC Home today!

Lemon Verbena

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We love getting our hands dirty with a little gardening. Lynn instilled this love in me and we agree that the beauty of a garden can lift our spirits any day. Plus, growing our own herbs has lent an innovative spirit to our home cooking. Lemon Verbena is a mainstay in our family gardens and is also Lynn’s favorite herb. This powerfully scented citrus infused herb is one of the most versatile and brilliant plants ever known.  Used to make teas, and oils it is also used on compresses to reduce swelling.  This bright and elegant aroma purifies while at the same brightening any space with its strong citrus finish.

Available in-store from our friends at Pamela Lerner Antiques.

French Pear

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The juicy aroma of a ripe Anjou Pear is enough to get my own creative juices flowing. This is a family favorite and evokes the pear trees that once lined our property. The very essence of Spring, the scent of the French pear is both elegant and evocative. The intoxicating aroma of the flowering pear tree inspires this candle and brings your room to life with thoughts of fresh grass and sunlight.

Pick yours up from our friends at Oliver’s Twist (Carmel, IN).


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We are inspired and amazed by the strong, beautiful women in our lives every day. Of course, I was raised by one such woman. Created by and for women as well as what we all represent, our version of Tuberose focuses on the sensual and aphrodisiac properties it symbolizes. Also known as “bone flower” to the ancient Aztecs who used it for centuries to cleanse and energize the body and representing feminine strength, beauty and allure, the tuberose will rejuvenate and lift your spirit. The enticing, sensual and bewitching floral scent is the perfect counterpoint to long winter nights.

Find Tuberose in-store at Bergdorf Goodman.

Fig Leaf

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As a child, fresh figs were always on the menu for the most special occasions and are still one of my personal favorites. Lynn always made sure to serve these at birthdays and over the holidays, so I’m reminded of those good times when I bite into a fig to this day. Used as a sleep aid by the ancient Greeks, the fig leaf candle’s subtle and exotic scent will fill your room with the comforting aroma of sweet figs, Mediterranean lemons, amber and sandalwood. While never having traveled to the Mediterranean, the fragrance is what we dream it would be like. Sophisticated yet simple, this candle is the perfect scent for snuggling in and daydreaming of warm, blue coastlines.

Pick yours up today from Orange and Pear.


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When we think of Linden trees, we feel buoyed by their unforgettable and haunting scent. It was always in the air as I grew up, and surprised me like an old friend while traveling abroad. Used medicinally to calm and soothe as well as a tonic for indigestion, the leaves of the linden tree are both beautiful and versatile.  This scent feels like a cherished memory and is all about calming the nerves and restoring peace.

Click through to Giannetti Home to purchase.


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Lynn and I are both drawn to the vibrant and powerful flavors of the Yuzu. Originally from Tibet, the Yuzu grows on an evergreen tree that can take up to eighteen years before producing any fruit. The intense citrus flavor and medicinal qualities of the fruit have made it popular all over the world. This candle smells deliciously of the luscious Japanese grapefruit, exotic fruits & watery greens. Tart and powerful, the Yuzu inspires health and energy.

Take a trip to Springfield, IL, and pick up Yuzu candles from The Wardrobe.