Father’s Day Gift Idea: Our New Eucalyptus Candle


Wondering what to get Dad for Father’s Day? Well (we might be biased), we think our new Eucalyptus candle is just the thing! This beautiful, unisex scent had the men in our lives turning their heads when they caught a whiff of the cool eucalyptus warmed with pacific woods & fresh air.

Breathe easier with the fortifying scent of eucalyptus. Native to Australia, the plant was first introduced to the Americas during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Infused with the essence of pacific woods, this candle captures the feel of a fresh walk in the great outdoors. Tranquil.

Now available at a range of fine retailers, including:
Oliver’s Twist
Candles Off Main
Orange & Pear

…and many more…

So forget about the usual BBQ sauces and neckties; get Dad a little something he can pamper himself with. Shop today and cross that Father’s Day gift off your list!

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