Leap Year Celebrations

image courtesy of prproject365.tumblr.com

Did you know this is a Leap Year? I was looking at the calendar this week, and somehow that fact snuck up on me! It got me thinking: What is a leap year and where did it come from? Leap years happen every four years, making every fourth year in the Gregorian calendar 366, not the usual 365, days long. Because it takes slightly longer than 365 days for the earth to orbit the sun, an additional day was added to compensate for the additional time required for a full orbit.

In honor of the 29th of February, I wanted to share some ideas on how we can make this extra day extra special! According to old Irish legend, Leap Day was the only day on which a woman could propose to a man. If the man said no, he would have to provide a gift to the woman, usually in the form of money or lavish garments. Another perk is that many airlines offer special Leap Year discounts on certain flights and hotel packages. Who knew?! This year, I will be celebrating the 29th by baking and decorating these adorable little leap frog cupcakes with the kids. How are you celebrating Leap Year?

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