Linnea’s Lights soy candles naturally at HOM

WestWeek event at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles launched yesterday and we couldn't be more thrilled. A major attraction at this week's show is HOM Escape in Style, an eco-friendly lifestyle line designed by California based, award-winning KAA Design Group.
HOM's mission is to feature eco-friendly, warm, modern design at an affordable price point that is ready to go. At Linnea's Lights, we have a similar mission with our candles…to be mindful of our materials and to offer an affordable luxury that is ready for giving .
As a result, our complete candle line is being showcased in the HOM 1 Dwelling from March 25th-26th!

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  • lynette says:

    Your candles are beautiful! They are at the top of my “mother’s day gift ideas” list for the hubby!