Meet & Greet: Getting to know a British Linnea’s Lights vendor with Circus Brixton

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Circus Brixton is a creative emporium selling affordable artwork from local designer-makers, beautiful vintage home-wares and so much more. Located in London, Tabitha Rout has been hard at work on Circus since 2009 and we are thrilled that she has welcomed Linnea’s Lights into such an inspiring shop. The shop reflects an approach to living life well– beautiful things, interesting people, good ideas, strong hot coffee and good conversation. She also believes in supporting new creative talent and keeping the business of shopping interesting and independent.

Here, we chat with Tabitha:

1. Where did the name Circus Brixton come from?
We chose Circus as we felt it described the unusual, eclectic and hopefully entertaining visual feast of the store.

2. What’s your inspiration for the merchandise you sell?
It’s recognizing beauty in the unexpected. We are all designers and creators. Hopefully the merchandise that we sell reflects this. We wont sell anything that we dont love.

3. What are your top 3 favorite stores around the world?
Not really stores but markets and charity shops. My favourites are Lincoln Antiques Fair, Chiswick car boot sale, Souks of Essouaria.

4. What are some of your favorite pieces in store right now?
Right now we have some hand made simple leather sandals from Morocco from our new Traveling Circus range. Also a new Japanese label Hanelca, travel accessories using traditional print designs/methods. And of course beautiful Linnea’s Lights candles that our customers absolutely love.

5. What drew you to Linnea’s Lights?
The whole package! The scents are absolutely gorgeous, personal favourite at the moment is Sea Salt and Persian Lime. The packaging and handmade ethos make them very special. I have been searching far and wide for candles like this and they are very rare…..unless you spend a fortune!

6. Any store mascots (pets, lucky charms…)?
Ginger cat that likes to wander in from time to time to keep warm. Have to be careful not to lock him in!

7. What’s your favorite part about having your own store?
Meeting new people, being in a market feels like being part of a big dysfunctional family. Having a free creative rein is very exciting.

8. Favorite vacation destination?

London, Barcelona, Morocco. There are lots of amazing places, But I think if you’re with the right people it can be just about anywhere.

9. Favorite neighborhood lunch spot?
The Agile Rabbit Pizzeria Brixton Village for fabulous pizza and live jazz in a very cool laid back spot.

Okay, time for the lightning round:

8 a.m. or 8 p.m.? 8pm
Beach or mountains? Beach
Beer or Wine? Wine
Cats or dogs? Dogs

Thanks so much for chatting, Tabitha! And to our readers, we hope you enjoyed this peek at another wonderful boutique. Check out Circus Brixton online or next time you’re across the pond!

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