New Year’s Resolution: Getting Organized

Happy New Year to you all and we’re thrilled to be back after some much needed family time! Now that it’s officially 2012, it’s time to make good on these resolutions and start the year off on the right foot. We’re all about getting organized by eliminating clutter around the house and studio and thought some of you might be similarly resolved.

Since we use recycled paper, soy and water based inks in our packaging, we also strongly recommend recycling the candle’s decorative glass vessel after the candle has been completely enjoyed. Since soy wax is all natural, simply wash out the vessel with warm soap & water. Then it’s time to clean up the clutter! Our vessels make exceptional bar ware, vases, and lovely storage jars for cotton balls, q-tips, pens, pencils and more! How else are you getting organized? What other resolutions are on your mind for 2012?

We’re so excited to share all that’s ahead with you. Here’s to your best year yet!

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