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Thrilled to have been a part of this year’s Glamour Magazine’s inspiring Women of the Year issue and awards. Just look at the goodies in this gift bag! For your chance to win a new Linnea’s Lights candle and so much more, just enter here. Good luck!

A Graffiti Artist, a Candle Maker, and a Museum in Luxembourg

images courtesy of ©Sanctobin

As you may have seen on our social media lately, we had the great honor of working with the amazing graffiti artist Sanctobin aka Odnok for an exhibit at the Mudam Museum, in Luxembourg.

Details on the event:


My Mudam takes place twice a year and combines various events: the inauguration of a mural work at Mudam Boutique, a unique culinary design project at Mudam Boutique, musical performances and a tour of the works from the Mudam Collection.

Featuring Walldrawing: Sanctobin aka Odnok
@ Mudam Boutique
Graffiti artist, graphic designer and illustrator Michael Sanctobin aka Odnok creates the mural work Golden Gate for Mudam Boutique. The Mudam, its architecture and its nine exhibition spaces are the starting points for Michael Sanctobins work. He translates this in two- and three-dimensional triangulations which, thanks to their golden colour, simultaneously absorbe and reflect the room. Nine triangles or doors to represent the museum that inspired the artist. A limited edition will accompany this work.

We’ve seen some photos from the event and it looked incredible and so inspiring. In addition, Sanctobin worked directly on the canvas of our candles for a wonderful, limited-edition item on-site. As you can imagine, the candles sold quickly!

So much fun seeing what another artist can create. I hope you’ve enjoyed some of the photos to get a peek.

Last Minute Halloween Decoration Ideas

Image courtesy of tabletop-trends.blogspot.com

Halloween is one of my favorite events to celebrate with the kids, but somehow it always seems to sneak up on me! This year I’m scrambling for last minute decorations, and you can’t beat Martha Stewart for inspiration…

Since we always have plenty of candles around (imagine that!), a go-to craft is carved pumpkin luminaries. Here are some easy instructions, along with a few other ideas for outdoor Halloween decorations, to help inspire:


Happy Halloween!

Press Update: Hearth Candle Featured in Redbook’s November 2013 Issue

We are so excited to share our feature in the November Redbook Magazine, on newsstands now! Christina Aguilera brings the heat to this great cover, but we keep things toasty with our Hearth candle, available here.

NEW Linnea’s Lights Poppy Candle, Excusively at Terrain

We couldn’t wait to share this new Poppy scented flower with you! Scented with fresh florals and stored in a reusable, painted vessel, this house-warming candle was made just for terrain. Sophisticated. Blooming. Happy. Notes of Wild Poppies. Combining natural soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and pure scents, Linnea’s Lights’ clean-burning candles are carefully hand-poured in small batches.

- A terrain exclusive
- Soy wax
- Double cotton wick
- 70 hour burn time
- 12 oz.

4″H, 3.25″ diameter

Shop for our Poppy candle here.

Exploring London Town

Images courtesy of Laura Cler

I am currently in London meeting with friends and vendors and I have been looking forward to this trip all Summer! I’ll take any excuse to hop the pond, and have so been enjoying my short time abroad.

This morning I stopped into Borough Market where I enjoyed some delicious paella and couldn’t help but gaze at all the beautiful fresh fruits, flowers and veggies. Later on, I walked on the south bank along the Thames, took in the Tate Modern with its inspiring showing of Saloua Raouda Choucair (the world’s first major museum exhibition of this remarkable Lebanese artist). Afterwards I enjoyed the view from the Millennium Bridge and couldn’t help but marvel at my luck with the beautiful weather here!

I’ve been lucky enough to visit a few other great spots, some of them UK vendors for Linnea’s Lights, including: Les Choix de RomyHeal’s, Luma, Lipp Interiors, The Birdcage, and Graham & Green, were some highlights.  They are all so lovely! Now I’m off to enjoy my last few days here, and please let me know of anything I must see or do before heading home.

Bringing Home Inspiration from New York Fashion Week

Images: Left to Right - Phillip Lim runway courtesy of ctpost.com; Tommy Hilfiger runway, courtesy of Haute Living

Hearing word that some of New York Fashion Week’s most popular runways were covered in salt (Phillip Lim) and sand (Tommy Hilfiger) and I can’t say I’m too surprised. I too have been inspired by these elements when I created our Sea Salt candle.

So if you’re looking for an easier (and less messy) way to test the trend at home, scatter a few of our summery, fresh candles around the house and be transported in style!

Try the trend for yourself, available here.

Our Favorite Candles for Fall

Lately, we’ve been seeing some buzz on our Twitter and Facebook pages about how our candles are helping ease you into Fall and I’m right there with you! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite candles burning around my home and in the studio with you here and I’d love for you to tell me some of your favorites of the season…

Pumpkin: Reminiscent of fall celebrations, this candle is scented with ripe pumpkin and subtle herbal overtones.

Wild Fern: Crisp & fresh leafy greens, stems and herbs blended with sheers woods.

Vanilla Noir: Creamy bourbon vanilla from madagascar and exotic woods.

Hearth: This rich candle brings the scent of smoky cedar wood, blended with sweet amber and notes of leather, to your home.

Visiting terrain in Westport, Connecticut

This past weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting one of my favorite shops, terrain, in Westport, Connecticut.

The reason for my visit was to help celebrate the Heirloom Tomato Festival and Made in America Marketplace, which was a blast. We featured some of our special candle blends exclusively for terrain: Heirloom Tomato, Patchouli and Vintage Saddle.

I wanted to share some of my snapshots from the day with you and if you were unable to attend, you can still try one of our exclusive terrain candles at home! Pick up our Vintage Saddle candle here. It was a lovely store with a great staff, and I really had a wonderful time meeting some of our fans!

Summer Entertaining DIY: Seashell Candles

Image courtesy of Banana Grove Designs

After returning from a family vacation, I always wonder what to do with some of the souvenirs we collect along the way. In the summer, it’s so lovely to walk along the water collecting interesting stones and beautiful shells and I came across a great little DIY project that will make use of the many seashells I tucked away.

Per DesignSponge, where I found this quick, easy and cheap craft: This is my favorite sort of project, one that takes next to no time and very little money. All you need are some shells (I used the leftovers from summer collecting), a few tea lights and something to melt the wax. If you’re lazy and using small shells like I did, you can just melt a few tapers over the shells, but the proper method usually involves making a simple double boiler.


  • shells
  • tea lights
  • double boiler or a heat-safe bowl over a pot of simmering water


1. Remove the wicks from the tea lights by peeling off the silver covers.

2. Place the wicks in the bottoms of the shells. (If the shells won’t lay flat, you can lay them on a crumpled paper bag or cloth to keep them level)

3. Place the leftover (without wicks) candles in the double boiler and melt. (You can also melt them in a non-stick pan. You’ll just need to clean the pan while it’s still pretty hot to get all the wax off.)

4. Carefully pour the candle wax into each shell, leaving at least a half-inch of wick exposed. This step can get a little bit messy, so to avoid wax spills on your table, it’s best to place your shells on a piece of aluminum foil or paper before pouring.

5. Wait for them to dry completely and then set on the table!