Sara Snow, free candles, fire up fridays!

We love Sara Snow and turns out she loves Linnea's Lights too!

Check out her blog post from today.    Sara Snow is a very talented woman, always working on new and exciting projects. Sara is the "queen of green" and we are so honored that she thought well enough of us to mention us in her fitness magazine blog.

As Sara mentioned in her blog, we are starting "Fire Up Fridays!".  We will be giving away candles on our blog.  Our facebook fans, and twitter followers will get notifications when the giveaways are going on, so if you don't yet follow us on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to add us! 

Help us get the word out…  tell your friends, family…mention us on your blog or website and leave us a comment where you talked about us so we can check it out as well! 


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