Berry Delicious Summer Pudding

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Summer is here and I always find myself indulging in yummy seasonal fruits around this time of year – they’re just too good to resist. It seems that every time I go to the market, I make the mistake of overbuying fruit and forgetting to remind my family to eat it. I hate letting the fruit go to waste and recently came across a brilliant recipe on for Berry Summer Pudding. There are only a few easy ingredients and you can change up the fruit combination if you want (this recipe calls for blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries). It’s perfect to top off a summer cookout if you have a surplus of uneaten fruit and white bread hanging around ( and even stale bread is ok for this).  So celebrate, have some friends over and enjoy the sweetness of summer and this delicious recipe!

Currant Rouge

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The dark, mysterious and seductive scent of currants is the inspiration for this scent and this candle is all about setting the mood. Tangy & modern with citrus, tart apple & green accord, it makes us think of the brilliant red color of the currant berries found throughout Europe. In my travels, I enjoyed collecting these while walking through a friend’s garden in Belgium. I remember picking them straight from the bushes and popping them into my mouth, puckering from their unexpected but not unpleasant tartness.

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