Eggs and the Spring Equinox

Image courtesy of Pinterest

The Equinox is upon us; the earth is perfectly balanced between darkness and light. As the day and night find their balance on March 20th and 21st, so apparently, does an egg. A friend of mine told me that during the Spring Equinox you can stand an egg on end… incredible right?

It turns out that the tradition goes back to China. The egg, a universal symbol of fertility, was balanced on end during the Equinox to symbolize that all of nature was in harmony. This ritual has been carried over to many traditions, including in part the western tradition of the Easter Egg. But, while the idea of standing an egg on end during the equinox is rich with symbolism and meaning, there’s a catch… With a little patience and persistence one can actually balance an egg on end all year round!

Have you given this a try?