Gifting Illuminated

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We’re putting together a just-for-fun Top 5 list and we’d love your thoughts! We want to know the Top 5 reasons why people give Linnea’s Lights candles as a gift during the holiday season. Why do you give Linnea’s Lights as a gift? And how do you decide who receives such a personal present?

When we’re in the studio, we like to find ways to incorporate ideas that we believe are sure to put a smile on your face when you open up one of our candles, or thoughtfully gift one to a friend. Like those cute little matchbooks tucked into the lid of each box! Giving scented items can be tricky since scents are such a personal thing, but Linnea’s Lights has always thought that less is more and our candles never overwhelm. When buying candles, we also know part of the allure is within the packaging. Don’t you find yourselves drawn to the package first? We love that a candle can stand on its own as a decorative item (I have them scattered throughout the house!), making for an understated and homey touch.

So how do you decide when a candle is a gifting match made in heaven? Are candles a giving “must” in your opinion?