Introducing the Wild Fern Candle

Spring is a time of magic, as the natural world miraculously comes alive after the barren winter. Because this is such a wondrous season, I wanted to create a new scent to pay homage to the enchantment of nature.

Our new Wild Fern candle is a verdant escape, with crisp & fresh leafy greens, stems and herbs blended with sheers woods. I tried to capture the essence of the warming earth, of soft sunlight and intense green. The fern is ancient, older than the dinosaurs and predating flowering plants by two hundred million years. It derives its name from its aesthetic likeness to a feather, and has long been associated with fairy lore for its powers of invisibility and supernatural protection.  It is suggested that the person who breaks the first fern frond of Spring will have good luck all year round. Step inside the fairy ring and become enchanted with redolent primeval forests of vivid green.

And good news! Our friends at Uber Boutique and Design just got some of the new Wild Fern and Peony candles in, so I hope you’ll enjoy!

Winners Announced!

The winners have been chosen and the 5 people that were picked has been notified.

We loved reading all the decorating ideas that everyone posted over at Sara Snow's blog


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Sara Snow – check out her candle giveaway!

Linnea's Lights is a big fan of Sara Snow!

It's so fun to see how she loves Linnea's Lights as well!

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5 random commenters on Sara's blog will get a candle from Linnea's Lights!

And since we know you love Linnea's Lights as well.. hop on over to her blog and post! 

Sara Snow is a great resource for all things green… if you aren't following her, you just might want to!  She has lots of great tips and advice.  You can follow her on her blog, website, facebook, or twitter

Sara Snow, free candles, fire up fridays!

We love Sara Snow and turns out she loves Linnea's Lights too!

Check out her blog post from today.    Sara Snow is a very talented woman, always working on new and exciting projects. Sara is the "queen of green" and we are so honored that she thought well enough of us to mention us in her fitness magazine blog.

As Sara mentioned in her blog, we are starting "Fire Up Fridays!".  We will be giving away candles on our blog.  Our facebook fans, and twitter followers will get notifications when the giveaways are going on, so if you don't yet follow us on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to add us! 

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