Celebrating the Arrival of Summer

Memorial Day weekend is here again, which means sunshine and sundresses, watermelon and, of course, barbecue! This weekend throw the perfect barbecue for all your friends to start off the summer.

image courtesy of Breakfast At Toast

For ideas on what to eat and drink, check out the Huffington Posts’ hunger-inducing slide-show of Memorial Day recipes. Of course we all know that it’s not all about the food. Create a lovely picnic tabletop with Linnea’s Light’s Magnolia scented candles – they’re perfect for an early summer weekend – and some fresh flowers.

Happy barbecuing!

A Classic Pairing: Mother/Daughter Teams That Inspire

Mother’s Day is here and I can’t help but reflect on the powerful bonds between mother and daughter. I am fortunate enough here at Linnea’s Lights to work side-by-side with my own mother, Lynn, and today’s celebration got us thinking about some of our other favorite Mother/Daughter teams:

The Tough Cookies: Sophia and Dorothy, The Golden Girls
Sassy, smart and independent, Sophia and Dorothy make quite a pair! They may not always view life in the same way but they are, as the theme song goes, true pals and confidants.

The Country Crooners: Naomi and Wynonna, The Judds
One of the most successful acts in country music history, this passionate duo has always come out on top. Inspiring each other and their fans through the music, the message is clear: Give a Little Love.

The Eccentric Duo: Big Edie and Little Edie Beale, Grey Gardens
Eccentric and stylish, Jackie O’s quirky cousins were made famous in the 1970’s cult-classic documentary film, Grey Gardens. With big dreams and even bigger personalities, it’s hard not to fall in love with this pair of misfits who were all but attached at the hip.

No matter how you’re celebrating or which team you and your mom relate to most, we’re wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Holiday Votive Gift Set

Linnea’s Lights Limited Edition Mini Votive Holiday Gift Set is perfect for entertaining or holiday gift ideas. Luxuriate this winter in the finest scents of the season with the Limited Edition Holiday Collection and warm your home with these classic, ambrosial fragrances:

Mini Votive Holiday Gift Set A collection of Fireside, Forest Fir & Winter holiday scents, this trio of 2.5oz mini soy votives is available in limited edition gift sets. Each is infused with the spice of the holidays, and sure to keep your home cozy and warm.

Fireside Spend your winter nights tucked beside the glow of this warm, smoldering blend of pine, tobacco and sensual sandalwood embers.

Forest Fir Allow this traditional holiday favorite to enchant your home with the rich, crisp blend of evergreen essences.

Winter This sweet twist of spruce, mint and hints of cinnamon and cranberry will transport your senses to a snowy wonderland.

The Holiday Collection candles set a perfect ambiance for your holiday celebrations. And don’t miss out on our other gift set options, available in:

Blooms Mini Votive Gift Set Magnolia, Tuberose, Blue Agave

Exotics Mini Votive Gift Set Amber, Bamboo, Cashmere

Fresh Mini Votive Gift Set Ocean, Sweetgrass, Lemon Verbena

Fruits Mini Votive Gift Set Currant Rouge, Yuzu, French Pear

Woods Mini Votive Gift Set Linden, Fig Leaf, Moss

Pick up gift sets for your loved ones at Uber Boutique and Design in Indianapolis.

Forest Fir

image courtesy of openhouse.homegoods.com

I fondly look back on my childhood memories of walking through the local Christmas tree farms, picking out our family holiday tree and selecting the fresh greenery for the wreath Lynn always hung at our front door. Nothing was better or more inspiring than smelling the resin of the tree on our hands and then the tradition of enjoying some hot cocoa once we got back home. This brilliant, clean and crisp scent is inspired by the ancient Fir trees of Sweden—the oldest living trees in the world. Long used to perfume homes, the fir tree was also believed to be the home of fairies and was brought into the house to frighten away evil spirits.

Find Forest Fir in store at terrain.