Fall Weekend Midwest Getaway Idea

Image courtesy of homespuninn.com

The changing seasons always make me feel ready for a new adventure and a weekend trip this Fall sounds just perfect! Keeping it short and sweet is key, with the kids in school and so much holiday prep happening in the studio. Some friends recently recommended Nappanee, Indiana, settled on the edge of north-central Indiana’s Amish Country, and I’m thinking a family getaway is in order.

Nappanee has a philosophy centered on the phrase “Embrace the Pace”, which I just love. Horse-drawn wagons are a common sight, which the kids will get a kick out of, while Nappanee’s downtown has shops and restaurants housed in historic buildings. Family-owned shops are in abundance too, which is always refreshing and Amish Country and the free Quilt Gardens Tour are two more big draws to the region.

While we’re there and looking to break from Amish tradition, I’ve heard good things about La Fogata. Mexican food will be perfect for lunch or dinner and its colorful atmosphere is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

For other great Midwest getaway ideas, check out sites like Midwest Living for inspiration. Do you have any getaway tips or planned trips? I’d love to hear about them!