Mimosa… not just a drink

We were thrilled about yesterday’s  NylonMag.com feature on our Mimosa candle. They said it perfectly when they said ~

“Mimosas make cameos at weekend brunches and lazy days lounging in the park, but what about your bedside table?”

We agree our Mimosa candle is perfection for your bedside table or to set the mood for a weekend brunch.

Pick one up today at Ash Blue

White Coral

The precious and endangered white coral of the Maldives was the inspiration for this scent.  A seductive oasis of untouched beauty, this candle adds the enchantment of the “far away” to any space. When lit, cardamon’s resinous aroma entwines with the bright citrus of neroli, uplifting mandarin and soft woods. This bewitching scent creates a captivating and calming hideaway.

Available at Candles Off Main



Revered in ancient Rome for it’s healing properties and relaxing scent, lavender once cost Roman’s the equivalent of a month’s wages or more.  An exquisitely luxurious flower, lavender is said to sooth headaches and improve sleep quality.  This scent infuses lavender’s healing effects with rosemary’s sensual woody undertone and lively citrus top notes, releasing the true power of this transcendent flower. Lighting this candle releases a tranquil and refreshing scent guaranteed to lighten any mood.

Available at Sesame and Lilies


Wander through the brilliant yellow Mimosa fields of Provence, and you will understand the delicate potency of this flower’s scent. Subtle, yet powerful, this evergreen flower’s  fragrance evokes the image of the sun drenched hills and the quiet grandeur of the South of France.  Combined with white jasmine’s exotic sweetness and sandalwood’s rejuvenating powers, this fragrance epitomizes the euphoric, casual luxury of France’s most exquisite region. Creating a perfect and balanced halo, this scent will transform any room into your own enchanting getaway.

Available Martha Harris

MacIntosh Apple

image courtesy of bloom-grow-love.blogspot.com

Nothing conjures the spirit of autumn like a stroll through an apple orchard. A favorite childhood tradition, Lynn always brought the family to get inspired with a visit to the orchards in Michigan and Indiana, spending the day picking apples right off the tree. Now I’ve passed that tradition down to my children—a clear autumn sky, the bright colored leaves, a bounty of fresh apples. This clean, bright new scent perfectly captures the aroma of a perfect Fall day and freshly picked apples, with inviting citrus top notes for the perfect aromatic balance. Pick yours up fresh at terrain.

Home for the Holidays

We really enjoy visiting the sites and stores of our various retailers and online suppliers and Giannetti Home is no exception.

Their blog, Velvet & Linen, has a recent article about their store decorations for the holidays.  They turned the store into a winter wonderland, with a sparkle feel.  We especially love how when you walk into the store, the first thing their customers see are the Linnea's Lights candles.


Take a peek here and walk through their store and the decorations.  You probably will find yourself lost in the wonderful design and pictures and most likely, getting some great inspiration and ideas for your own decorating!

We Won!!!


Linnea’s Light on Vanity Fair

Linnea's Lights showed up on the Vanity Fair beauty blog last week. 

Check out all the Hot Looks for the Cure that they posted. 

We were so proud to be a supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure during the month of October and all the support we received as well!

Did you get your Tuberose in October?

Linnea’s Lights has been nominated – please vote!!!

Linnea's Lights has been nominated for the 2nd Annual Best Off Main Awards in the following categories:


Best New Fragrance – Pumpkin

Best Soy/Vegetable Wax Candle


The Best Off Main Awards were created to honor the best products in home fragrance available on the market today.  The awards are based on a voting system that is open to the public.  Voting is open until Wednesday, November 4th.  You can vote as many times as you like but only once per computer.  They will announce the winners on Friday, November 6th as they kick-off our Grand Opening and 4-Year Anniversary Event.

To place your vote, go to 2009 Best Off Main

We encourage you to pass this message on to your friends, relatives, co-workers, Facebook Fans, Twitter followers and anyone else. 

Suzan is our Sweetgrass winner!

Congratulations to Suzan H.!  She is the winner of our Fire Up Friday Sweetgrass giveaway.

Number 5 was picked out of a hat…

We loved reading all the ideas and reasons that you light candles. 

Keep watching for our next giveaway!