The Winter Solstice & The Procession of Saint Lucia

Perhaps our Swedish lineage led us to love candles so much.

In Sweden, December 13th marks the start of the winter holidays, and candles play an important part in many of the holiday traditions like the procession of Saint Lucia.  The procession celebrates the start of the Christmas season and every year one girl is chosen to represent St. Lucia and gets to wear a crown of lighted candles in her hair. Behind Lucia all the other children march in white robes carrying candles and singing.

The procession has it’s roots in pagan culture and coincides with the celebration of the winter solstice—the longest night of the year, or Lussi Night, a night filled with goblins and evil spirits that swoop down chimneys and steal away children who hadn’t behaved throughout the year—sound familiar?  The girl with the candles in her hair symbolized the return of sunlight, tranquility and warmth to the world.  Each candle was a miniature sun, a symbol of the life giving light and fire.  In medieval times the Lussi Night celebration was adopted by the church to celebrate the start of the Christmas Season, and the evil spirits of Lussi night were replaced by the angelic Saint Lucia.

At Linnea’s Lights we wish you all the peace and tranquility of the season, and hope that our candles bring a little sunlight into your life and home this holiday.

~ Happy Holidays