Bring the Garden In

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As Spring quickly moved on to Summer, the flowers in the yard have been in full bloom. Apartment Therapy recently posted a very timely piece with some lovely ideas for bringing the garden in,  and they were also kind enough to include us in the piece. With so many floral scents in our line, you’ve got some wonderful ways to freshen up the home for summer!

Try some of our favorites:

New! Wild Fern

New! Peony




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We are inspired and amazed by the strong, beautiful women in our lives every day. Of course, I was raised by one such woman. Created by and for women as well as what we all represent, our version of Tuberose focuses on the sensual and aphrodisiac properties it symbolizes. Also known as “bone flower” to the ancient Aztecs who used it for centuries to cleanse and energize the body and representing feminine strength, beauty and allure, the tuberose will rejuvenate and lift your spirit. The enticing, sensual and bewitching floral scent is the perfect counterpoint to long winter nights.

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Linnea’s Light on Vanity Fair

Linnea's Lights showed up on the Vanity Fair beauty blog last week. 

Check out all the Hot Looks for the Cure that they posted. 

We were so proud to be a supporter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure during the month of October and all the support we received as well!

Did you get your Tuberose in October?

We are “InStyle”!


What's better than the scent of freshly cut Tuberose? 
Ten percent of the proceeds on our Tuberose candles goes to Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Tuberose by Linnea's Lights, an exquisite white floral known for its seductive properties. 
Indulge yourself, scent your space and support the Cause! 

As seen in the October Issue of InStyle Magazine:


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and help support Susan G. Komen for the Cure