Thoughtful. Mindful. American Made.
The difference is illuminating.

Linnea’s Lights® is a woman-owned, family driven luxury brand of home fragrances built upon a foundation of quality and craftsmanship. From the introduction of our iconic double-wick, small-batch soy candle in 2009 to the present day, our core values remain constant: our products are made with mindfully and ethically sourced materials, each step of our process involves the touch of human hands, each product is designed and packaged locally in our Midwest studio, and we partner with local and global causes to help make our world a better place. Linnea’s Lights® products are crafted with passion and a commitment to quality, beauty and giving back.

The Linnea's Lights Name

The name Linnea’s Lights is a tribute to the founding family’s rich Swedish lineage. A nod to Sweden’s national flower (Linnaea Borealis), Linnea is also the origin of founder Lynn Manley’s first name; a name that has been part of the family for five generations. Linnea’s Lights is an homage to those strong women who taught the value of family, hard work, integrity, compassion, and the art of creating everything by hand with the highest quality ingredients available. In 2012, Lynn passed the baton to daughter Laura Cler who proudly ushers her family’s business into a future that is looking bright.

Laura Cler | Proprietor

A proud Midwesterner, and a passionate explorer and world traveler, Laura’s appreciation of nature’s bounty and handcrafts were shaped by generations of strong and nurturing women in her family. She gained invaluable experience working in various retail and wholesale industries, where she learned to appreciate the value of heritage as represented through quality, integrity and social consciousness, all of which today serve as essential principles of the Linnea’s Lights® brand.