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Guests are coming over, and everything’s set. But one element is missing; the holiday aroma. This soy candle, created by a mother-daughter team in Indiana, releases just the right notes of evergreen, cinnamon and cranberry.

I’m partial to their cashmere candle.

It’s no suprise that the great connector sign, Gemini, favors fragrances that bring people together. It’s all about a non-polarizing smell—try something lavender. It’s a crowd-pleaser for morning, evening, or night and will help you and your houseguests find your chill.

Is there any day more deflating to holiday cheer than the dreaded day that the Christmas tree is taken down, hauled outside to the curb, and left to be spirited away by the nearest trash truck? Keep the merriment alive long after youve bid farewell to your tree with this all-natural, fresh-cut fir scent, that’s topped with pleasant notes of cedar and citrus.

Icelandic artist Bjarni Sigurdsson’s Ash Cloud pink natural soy candles for Linnea’s Lights are hand-formed and coated with a glaze made from volcanic ash. Available exclusively from ABC Home in Belgian Linen, Moroccan Rose, and Cashmere scents; $68 each.

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